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Employment Opportunities for those with disability

If you wish to be a provider for a patient with disability, we may have opening for the position you have available. You need to send us your resume and the following documents and then we arrange to interview you:

  1. State issued ID
  2. Work permit, if you are not a US permanent resident/ US citizen
  3. Background check or finger print
  4. 2 referrals from people that know you
  5. You last pay stub or your last employer phone number and contact name
  6. Your address and information about your family

If you are a patient with disability and wish to find a job provider, we need you to provide your specific information and limitations in terms of the employment you seek. We then assess your service needs, this may include a visit to your home; we will obtain your doctor(s)’ reports about your physical and mental condition. We will then make a decision as to how many hours you need service and according to your doctor(s) reports and our evaluation we will find you a suitable provider.

If you are receiving social security disability benefit, you can still work and earn up to $1,000 as well as your social security disability benefit and your Medicare entitlement.

Following your doctor(s)’ reports and our assessment, we will refer you to different organization to help you to learn new skills, attend various workshops and training so you can start work and become independent.
If you are receiving disability benefit, we have good news for you as social security’s work incentives and ticket to work program can help you if you are interested to work.

Special rules make it possible for people receiving social security disability benefits or supplemental security Income (SSI) to work and still receive monthly benefits. If you cannot continue your work due to your medical condition your benefit may start again without having to file a new claim application.

  1. Work incentives include:
    • Continued cash benefits for the period you work;
    • Continued Medicare or Medi-Cal while you work;
    • Assistance with your education, training and rehabilitation to start a new line of work
  2. Ticket to Work Program
    • You can receive vocational rehabilitation, training, job referrals and other employment support services free of charge.  You will not undergo medical reviews while you are using the ticket and making timely progress during your return to work plan.
  3. Disability Management Center

We can evaluate your ability and refer you to work providers. We also can send you to private or different workshop(s), rehabilitation and training if you need and request it, once you provide us with your detailed information and background/supporting document.