Firouzeh A Farzaneh
  Farzaneh Social Services
Disability Management Center

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Phone: 818 881-2121
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How We Help

We advocate for patient services and provide social agency representation, including hearing and appeal services and referral to legal services, if necessary. We work with you and your family to assist you to receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to. You can rely on us to counsel you, represent you and manage your case and provide you with satisfactory results.

We gather your claim details from you, obtain your medical records, prepare your case and submit it to Social Security agency for determination of eligibility. We will diligently follow up your case with the Social Security agency and provide them with additional details and/or documentation when necessary to ensure you receive the maximum benefits possible.

We provide professional and timely social services, case assessment, referral, counseling, health related services, housing related services. We will accompany our clients to DPSS offices when required. We work closely with government and community agencies to coordinate the public and private services within the county, so that our clients have easy access to resources they are entitled to.

Do you need a Representative?

You can rely on us to represent you, manage your case and provide you with satisfactory results.

What we do?

Disability could be a result of sudden illness or injury for the past one year or longer.

Do you need an Advocate?

Contact us so that we can advocate and manage your case with Social Security and State Social Services.

Non-Discrimination Policy

We provide services in accordance with all applicable Federal and State nondiscrimination laws that prohibit discrimination based on, but not limited to, the following: age, race, color, sex, disability, religious creed, national origin, marital status, parental or birth status or sexual orientation.