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About US

Farzaneh Social Services Disability Management Center (FSSDMC) was established in 1997, offering a wide range of expertise in all fields of social services and social security benefits. We provide full advocacy services to a multiple ethnicity clients in California and Nationally.
Our service strategy with our clients is as follows:

  1. Careful assessment of the client’s physical and/or mental disability, and social services’ needs;
  2. We put in place an individual plan of action together in consultation with clients and their family;
  3. We begin a step by step monitored program of building up our client’s case, obtaining all necessary documentary evidence and medical records from medical professionals, financial and other relevant sources;
  4. We then, as our client’s advocate and representative, work with the relevant organizations, including Social Security offices, State Social Services, Appeal and Hearing courts and Immigration until completion of the case.

Who is a social worker and what does a social worker do?

There are many different kinds of social workers and they serve in many different fields and situations. They work in government agencies, such as family services or health departments, hospitals, counseling offices, schools or even private practice.


Social workers are advocates for those who often have no one else to speak for them.

Adherence to the law

A social worker makes sure that all involved receive full protection and benefits of the law and that the law is not manipulated against the interest of the client.

Human Rights

Social workers are passionate about the human rights of every member of society, especially those who are vulnerable and cannot defend their own rights. They want to see justice done for everyone and will fight against injustice when they come across them.

Team Play

Social Workers are often one member of a team that includes doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists and law enforcement. These professionals work together to determine the best interest of the client and community.

Individual Choice

Part of human rights is making sure that each individual citizen is allowed determining and controlling his/her own life as much as possible.

The degree to which a client can defend his/her right to make his/her own choice varies, but a responsible and dedicated social worker defends client’s right to make sure they are given all the rights entitled to in order to make their own choices.

Duties of a Social Worker

Social worker is a profession for those with a strong devise to help improve people’s lives, to assist people by helping them cope with issues in their everyday lives.

What happens when a social worker and an attorney work together?

In our complex world, legal problems are often intertwined with problems in other areas, including social problem, Medical problem and economic problem. In respond many universities offer dual degree program to complement each other so well.

Since the two fields are increasingly called upon to consult with others and work in multidisciplinary teams, we are honored to provide both social and legal services to improve the quality of life to our clients.